Solutions utilising the AS 5488.1:2019 Australian Standard

AS 5488.1:2019 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) is the Australian Standard for Subsurface Utility Investigation. LiveLocates utilises this standard to provide a framework for consistent classification of information depending on your project stage and requirements.

The 4 AS 5488.1:2019 Quality Standards

Quality Level A

Information is used to indicate a utility’s precise position in three dimensions and confirm the utility’s attributes such as size, condition and possible material. Provides a reduced project risk for our customers due to the detail and accuracy of the information and is highly valuable for projects reaching the construction phase.

Services that can be utilised

Quality Level B

Utilises existing documentation, site survey and also includes information that indicates the existence and location of subsurface utilities in three dimensions. When this information is compiled using electronic detection it is only an indication of the existence of the utility and does not validate its location or attributes.

This level can most appropriately be utilised as the project develops beyond the initial planning level but before the project reaches the construction phase.

Quality Level C

Utilises existing documentation and also includes a feature or site survey of visible utility assets. It does not however, indicate the location of the subsurface utility with respect to the surface feature

This level is also most appropriately used at the initial project planning level.

Quality Level D

Utilises existing documentation to establish the potential presence of subsurface utilities but does not include any field verification or direct measurement.

This level can be most appropriate at an initial project planning level.

Download the Standards Australia preview document of AS 5488.1:2019 here:
AS 5488.1:2019 Classification of Subsurface Utility … – SAI Global Store

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