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Our expertise helps protect your business from avoidable costs and delays by locating all underground utilities and services before any damage can occur or safety is compromised. With a commitment to ongoing training and local knowledge throughout the Canberra, NSW South Coast and Snowy Monaro and Snowy Valley regions, LiveLocates works closely with you and your team to carefully plan, locate and maintain a complete and cost-effective underground utility and services protection strategy or concrete scan that allows you to get on with your job.

Underground Asset Protection Services for all Excavation Activities

No matter what type of industry you work in or how big or small your project is, protecting your staff and eliminating avoidable costs is our focus.

Utility Locating
We combine the latest radio detection and GPR technology together with our extensive experience to manage our customers’ entire utility locating needs according to the Australian Standard for Subsurface Utility Investigation – AS 5488.1:2019.

Concrete Scanning
In addition to our standard locating services, we are also able to offer specialised concrete scanning utilising the latest IDS Georadar C-Thrue scanning technology.  This equipment which utilises dual scanning antennas allows us to confidently and accurately scan a range of areas including floor, wall and ceiling up to a depth of 800mm.

We have a combination of reporting options that we can provide depending on your project needs.  Our standard pictorial reports are user friendly and are provided with all our standard locates.  For more detailed and accurate GPS surveyed reports we can provide accurate +/-10cm GPS maps for utilities located or any attribute you nominate in both open street map and satellite format.  Furthermore we also provide this data to you in a range of formats for you to incorporate in your local GIS systems or future construction plans.

Companies that utilise our services include:
Companies that utilise our services

The technology and equipment we use

LiveLocates utilises the latest equipment and software to accurately and confidently identify underground assets. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and accredited in the use of their equipment and are therefore able to maximise the quality of information obtained in a timely and efficient manner.

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