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Cable & Pipe Locating Services

LiveLocates team of qualified and experienced cable and pipe locators (often just commonly known as cable locators) will precisely identify the location of underground cables and pipes, so you have peace of mind before you dig. Getting LiveLocates to carry out cable and pipe locating before any excavation is undertaken is of critical importance, as it will effectively manage the risks involved in accidentally digging into cables and pipes thereby causing serious damage. Exposed and damaged cables or pipes is a severe hazard to both property and individuals.

Traditionally, locating cables and pipes underground has been completed by searching for the records of the utility company that initially installed the utilities. However, today, the masses of underground cables that have been laid to keep up with technology and changes to topographical information have caused records to fall behind and can often become inaccurate or in some areas, not readily available at all.

Today’s records can be as vague as a line on a map with no details on depth, width or where it resides in reference to other key current features in the area such as kerbs, fences, and property boundaries. With LiveLocates, our cable and pipe locating service uses the latest technology to provide our customers with information on the location, size and depth of the cable or pipe on their worksite or property.

LiveLocates uses a combination EMI radio frequency locating equipment to locate underground cables and pipes accurately and where necessary ground penetrating radar (GPR). It is essential to bring in qualified and experienced cable locators before commencing any excavation. Failing to do so risks the safety of work crews on site, the public and the successful and profitable completion of your project. If you require safe, accurate and reliable cable locating services across Southern NSW or the ACT, get in touch with the experts at LiveLocates today.

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Cable & Pipe Location Basics

Cable locating equipment (sometimes known as radio detectors) operate by detecting the electromagnetic signal put out by a cable or traceable wire below the ground. This includes many power and communication cables as well as pipes and conduits that contain a traceable wire or material that the radio detector can detect. Where there is no signal or traceable wire, ground penetrating radar (GPR) is the preferred equipment to be used.

The radio detector itself is a receiver that detects the transmitted signal, which is then used to trace the location of the cable. LiveLocates equipment also has a depth indicator to let you know the depth of the utility.

The radio detector has the capacity to operate in both Active and Passive Mode.

LiveLocates underground asset locating

Active location is best utilised when several targets are in the area, and there is the opportunity to actively ‘clamp on’ to the cable or traceable wire in the case of pipes and conduits and conduct a signal along that cable or wire to locate that specific asset.  The radio detector is then operated by inputting a particular frequency signal through a transmitter and tracing it above ground with a paired receiver.

Passive location searches for unknown cables by detecting their electromagnetic field with a specific detector or receiver.  The exact location of the cable, regardless of whether it is active or inactive, may not be known.  By using this method, the radio detector can generate a signal in the cable, which can then be detected.

When considering cable and pipe locating for your project, there are optimal locating techniques that work for some worksites better than others. LiveLocates utilises both active and passive locating processes to identify the location of underground cables and pipes within your work zone prior to any excavation work to ensure a full review of the worksite is undertaken.

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Why You Need Cable Locating Services

Civil and engineering contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, surveyors and utility providers can all benefit from accurate cable and pipe locating services before commencing work. Underground cable and pipe locating is a valuable service as both a preventive safety measure for your worksite and a long-term investment. Cable and pipe locating reduces the risk of causing damage to public utility infrastructure which often results in substantial financial losses and potential safety risks to work crews on site and harm to local communities.

Cable locating can also be utilised to indicate if a buried cable is still active.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries use Cable Locating services?

Our team of cable locators are called to a variety of job sites across the South Coast of NSW from Nowra to the Victorian boarder, the Snowy Mountains, Snowy Valleys and Canberra’s suburbs and surrounding regions. We help work crews maintain a safe working environment as well as complete their due diligence checks in a variety of industries, including:

  • Directional Drillers & Underground Cable Layers
  • Building Construction Companies
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Plumbers and electricians
  • Infrastructure Contractors
  • Local Government
  • Utility Providers
  • Excavation & Civil Construction Contractors

Cable and pipe locating services is the keystone service provided by LiveLocates and is strongly supported by LiveLocates other services of potholing digging, non-destructive excavation and utility mapping. With the accuracy provided by our cable locators, you will also need equally precise excavation methods when exposing the located cables and pipes. Potholing and non-destructive excavation are used following the location of cables and pipes to maintain the integrity of utility infrastructure in a dig area or to provide access to carry out service on the utilities.


What kind of cables and pipes can be located?

LiveLocates technicians can detect virtually all utilities underground using a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR) and EMI radio frequency technology. Our reporting consistently details the following features:

  • Fibre optic cables
  • Street light and traffic light cabling
  • High and low-voltage electrical cables
  • NBN Cables
  • Communications cables
  • Structural cabling
  • Live and dead power conduits, both metal and plastic
  • Metal, concrete, plastic and asbestos pipes for water, gas, sewer and stormwater


Are LiveLocates accredited Cable Locators?

When it comes to choosing a cable locator for your project, choose the company that is accredited by a nationally recognised body and with the experience to match. LiveLocates accredited locators are fully certified with Dial Before You Dig (DBYD), and carry Telstra, and Optus, accreditations.  LiveLocates is also a member of NULCA (National Utility Locating Contractors Association).  We also ensure our trainee locators are fully supervised by an accredited locator as they develop the skills and experience to gain their own full accreditation.


Where do LiveLocates service?

Our utility locating and utility mapping services extend right across the South Coast of NSW and into the Canberra region. More specifically:

NSW South Coast – Nowra, Huskisson, Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma, Bermagui, Bega, Tathra, Merimbula, Eden

Snowy Mountains – Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher, Crackenback, Cabramurra

Snowy Monaro – Berridale, Cooma, Bombala, Bredbo, Dalgety, Delegate, Michelago

Snowy Valley – Tumut, Talbingo, Khancoban, Adaminaby, Tumbarumba

Canberra suburbs and surrounding regions


How accurate is the LiveLocates Cable Locating service? 

LiveLocates uses quality and highly specialised EMI radio frequency equipment and ground penetrating radar (GPR) locating equipment to undertake accurate locating of a full range of the utilities.


How much does Cable Locating cost?

LiveLocates can provide either a fixed price quotation for your scope of work or an hourly schedule of rates, depending on your requirements.  Our locating services automatically include the use of EMI radio frequency equipment as well as ground penetrating radar (GPR).  Unlike other competitors, no additional charges for the use of GPR apply.  All cable and pipe locating jobs also automatically receive our standard pictorial utility mapping report at no additional charge.  To get a quote or receive more information, give us a call on 1300 517 062 or get in touch via an online enquiry.