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LiveLocates are proud to provide nationally accredited and certified ‘Dial Before You Dig’ (DBYD) underground utility locators servicing the NSW South Coast, Snowy Mountains, Snowy Valleys, Canberra, and surrounding regions. Now known as ‘Before You Dig’, if you’re looking to excavate, it’s important to have a certified and experienced local BYD locator on-site first.

Hiring someone that is not a BYD certified locator or properly supervised by an BYD certified locator risks the quality of the service and competency provided to your worksite and the accuracy and completeness of the underground utility investigation undertaken. An industry standard, LiveLocates underground utility locators are Before You Dig, Telstra and Optus accredited and hold membership with NULCA.

From Nowra to Eden on the South Coast, the Snowy Mountains, Snowy Valleys, Canberra, and surrounding regions, LiveLocates are your trusted underground utility locating professionals, delivering accurate utility locating to a national standard. BYD locators have passed rigorous competencies, which allows them to undertake safe and compliant locating investigation work around underground utilities.

The LiveLocates team has the training and experience to deliver a level of service well beyond that of a DIY or company ‘in-house’ locator, who often does not possess the experience or training to conduct accurate utility locating to the standards required to enable a safe excavation to proceed. If you’re looking for the local experts to deliver exceptional, accurate results, get in touch with LiveLocates today.

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Dial-Before-You-Dig (DBYD) Certified

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Benefits of Using a BYD Certified Locator

By partnering with a BYD certified locator, your business will be provided with clear information about underground utilities before breaking ground. This is a vital first step to avoiding costly and dangerous excavation that puts assets and work teams at risk. Benefits to the services offered by a BYD certified locator include:

LiveLocates underground asset locating


LiveLocates BYD locators have the experience and training and are nationally accredited unlike DIY or non-accredited locators. BYD certification must be renewed every 2 years with locators having to demonstrate ongoing professional education and experience before their certification will be renewed.


LiveLocates BYD locators are performing underground utility locating work, day in day out and are therefore able to efficiently and effectively locate underground utilities which lowers the chances of damage to the utility during excavation and significant injury to workers on site or the public


Having a LiveLocates BYD locator review your site, you can be confident knowing what utilities lie underneath the ground within your worksite. This knowledge decreases your liabilities and risk of injury and damage to assets in the planning and excavation stage of your project.


Insurance claims for damage can be made void if an accredited BYD locator was not employed to locate utilities prior to damage. Furthermore, projects that can proceed smoothly and without disruption caused by damaged utilities contribute to overall project profitability.


LiveLocates BYD certified locators provide a range of reporting options from our simple pictorial plans through to our detailed GPS Mapping reports, ensuring the located information is effectively communicated to our customers in a format that meets their needs.

It is essential to not make any assumptions about what underground utility hazards exist within your work area before you dig, drill, cut, or excavate. With a LiveLocates BYD certified locator assessing your site you can be confident that you have properly identified these hazards and are able to put in place proper risk controls to protect the assets and your people on site.

Don’t take the risk! Get in touch with the LiveLocates team of experienced and certified BYD locators on 1300 517 062 or via an online enquiry through the Contact Us page on this website. With our range of service capabilities, we can accurately locate, trace and report underground utility assets before you dig, safeguarding your teams on site and the public.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is’ Dial-Before-You-Dig’ or now ‘Before You Dig’?

Dial Before You Dig, or now, Before You Dig, as it is all online, is a centralised archive of utility plans and underground networks that was developed in partnership with utility owners. BYD can be accessed online and provides fast responses to the location of underground utilities in your excavation area. The service is aimed at keeping the network of underground assets in Australia safe from those working around them. It is important to note however that not every utility owner chooses to list their assets under BYD. This is where a LiveLocates certified locator can source utility plans directly from the asset owners.

Most owners of any state and national underground infrastructure are members of the BYD service. This includes most telecommunications carriers, resource companies, water suppliers and more. When a person makes an enquiry with BYD, all the information about their project is forwarded to the applicable asset owner for that member to respond to the query with the plans showing the utility assets for the area where work is to be conducted.

What does it take to become a BYD certified locator?

Becoming a BYD certified locator doesn’t happen overnight. It involves comprehensive written and practical examinations. Practical examinations are done by experienced assessors on-site. LiveLocates staff undergo training both within the business and through external learning options before undergoing the theoretical and practical assessment to become certified. Whilst undergoing training and certification, all new LiveLocates locators are competently supervised by a LiveLocates BYD certified locator to ensure the work being performed meets the standards of LiveLocates and BYD.

Training courses are held by companies authorised by BYD, and other Registered Training Organisations (RTO). All LiveLocates BYD certified locator carry certificates of completion from BYD.

Is DBYD mandatory?

In the state of NSW, all work that involves digging or excavation requires operators to ‘Dial Before You Dig’ through the online ‘Before You Dig’ website. It is the responsibility of the organisation completing the excavation or other work to ensure any underground utilities have been located by a DBYD certified locator and are adequately protected as part of the excavation activity.

If the area of the work changes throughout the job, a new enquiry must be made with BYD and the area assessed by a LiveLocates BYD certified locator.

Which industries might need to engage a BYD locator?

Having a LiveLocates BYD certified locator on your side is crucial for the protection of underground utilities in any successful excavation, digging, or boring operation. LiveLocates employs a knowledgeable and experienced team of BYD certified locators that attend a range of commercial, residential, and industrial worksites across various projects. Our BYD locators make use of a wide range of technologies to provide our customers with the most accurate location of underground infrastructure. Some of the most frequent organisations that benefit from a BYD locator on-site include:

  • Directional Drillers & Underground Cable and Pipe Layers
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Contractors
  • Building Construction Companies
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Utility Providers
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Excavation & Civil Construction Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Local and State Government
  • Facility Managers
  • Homeowners
  • Farmers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects

How much do these services cost?  

LiveLocates BYD locators are available to undertake underground utility asset locating on your site as part of our standard service. All our technicians are fully certified BYD locators or operate under the supervision of a LiveLocates BYD certified locator whilst training, so we do not apply any additional charges for this certification. We are serious about delivering a safe and quality service to our customers and will not cut corners or supply anything less than the best industry underground utility locators to our worksites. For more information on LiveLocates BYD certified locating services, give us a call on 1300 517 062 or via an online enquiry through the Contact Us page on this website.

Does DBYD Cover All Utilities?

Not all utility owners provide the plans for their underground assets via the BYD program. In these instances, LiveLocates can source additional utility plans where the owners don’t provide their plans through the BYD service to ensure that all underground utilities within the work area are located before you commence excavation activities on site.

What other services do LiveLocates offer?

Alongside the services offered by our BYD certified locator on site, LiveLocates also offers the following services to all our clients.

  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Non-Destructive Excavation
  • Radio Detection
  • Concrete Scanning
  • GPS Mapping
  • Utility Mapping
  • Pot Holing

What materials are detected by BYD certified locators? 

LiveLocates BYD locators will help site supervisors and managers locate a diverse range of underground assets. The following materials and utilities make up those assets found most effectively with our services include:

  • Gas pipes
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • PVC
  • Optic Fibre
  • Old storage tanks
  • Natural Materials
  • Concrete
  • Water pipes
  • Sewerage pipes
  • Stormwater pipes

Where do the LiveLocates BYD Certified Locating services extend to?

Our BYD Certified utility locating extend right across the South Coast of NSW and into the Canberra region. More specifically:

NSW South Coast – Nowra, Huskisson, Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma, Bermagui, Bega, Tathra, Merimbula, Eden

Snowy Mountains – Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher, Crackenback, Cabramurra

Snowy Monaro – Berridale, Cooma, Bombala, Bredbo, Dalgety, Delegate, Michelago

Snowy Valley – Tumut, Talbingo, Khancoban, Adaminaby, Tumbarumba

Canberra suburbs and surrounding regions