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Looking for GPS surveying services to accurately report located underground utilities that you can trust? LiveLocates are the experts providing GPS surveying reports to support their utility locating services across commercial, industrial, and residential properties in NSW and the ACT.

For detailed and accurate GPS surveyed reports, LiveLocates can provide accurate +/-10cm GPS reports for utilities located or any asset chosen in both open street map and satellite format.

As well as producing PDF plans in a variety of customisable formats, the raw data is also exported and provided to the customer in a variety of file types including ASCII CSV, AutoCAD DXF and DWG, ESRI shapefiles and Google KML for incorporation in our customer’s local geographic information systems (GIS) or future construction plans.

High-quality utility surveys help project managers create accurate models, which infrastructure professionals can then use to place and develop concise bids, plan projects, and efficiently organise their company’s resources to maximise profitability.

Accurate Site Surveying

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GPS Site Surveying Services

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it uses signals from satellites to pinpoint a location on the earth’s surface. When used correctly, GPS reporting offers the highest level of accuracy and is often far quicker than more conventional mapping and reporting techniques.

With LiveLocates GPS reporting technology, we will map general utility asset points in a defined area including all power and communication cables, water, gas and sewer lines as well as any above ground feature the customer chooses to include.  All utilities are reported and colour coded in accordance with AS5488.1 2019 Subsurface Underground Identification standard ensuring customers have accurate standardised reports and GIS data.

LiveLocates site surveying with GPS is a quick and precise way of reporting the results of completed underground utility locating. Combining versatility and functionality, GPS surveying is the gold standard in reporting the location of underground utilities before any project gets underway. Some of the most frequent industries that use our utility, cable and pipe locators include:

vacuum excavation services
  • Utility Providers
  • Directional Drillers & Underground Cable Layers
  • Excavation & Civil Construction Contractors
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Plumbers and electricians
  • Infrastructure Contractors
  • Building Construction Companies
  • Local and State Government

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LiveLocates underground asset locating

The Benefits of GPS Reporting for Reporting the Results of Underground Located Utilities

Accuracy: The quality of any utility mapping service comes down to how accurately the results are captured and communicated to stakeholders. LiveLocates experienced operators use state-of-the-art GIS technology ensuring you are guaranteed accuracy every time.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional surveying techniques, LiveLocates GPS surveying can map out and report clearly on utilities regardless of weather of conditions. Whether in local urban areas or expansive regional areas, LiveLocates can still measure positions outside the sight of survey stations and give accurate results.

Fast: GPS surveying can be much faster than its predecessors, providing accurate reporting almost instantaneously on its surroundings. LiveLocates can get data to your teams faster to boost your productivity. With these fast response and report times, our customers are in the strongest position to win bids on jobs and complete them on time and on budget.

Portable: With almost everything needed fitting in the palm of the technician’s hand, LiveLocates GPS surveying can help extend to worksites of any nature. The handheld devices allow us to complete work over a wide area with ease and across all terrains.

Turning Site Surveying into Effective Reports: However, these equipment benefits are meaningless without quality reporting back to the customer of the captured information. LiveLocates can extrapolate this GPS data to produce a range of reports and detailed information depending on the customers’ requirements as well as providing the raw data directly to our customers for integration into their GIS systems or CAD design programmes. Our customers use this actionable data to plan projects as well as manage their construction teams on site.

Whether you are collecting new asset data or updating existing data, LiveLocates makes it easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is GPS Surveying so accurate?

LiveLocates uses GPS devices with HxGN SmartNet enabled, a global GNSS positioning system that gives precision between 1-10cm depending on conditions. Gone are the days of hauling around two bulky GPS receivers, several batteries, and cables, two radios, a tripod and a pole, and then needing to set up their own base for each project.

Now, HxGN network users simply carry a paired GPS or GNSS receiver with either a modem or a mobile phone and use that to quickly access a network of permanent reference stations to begin mapping accurately.


How much do these services cost?

Our GPS surveying and reporting service is our gold standard level of reporting and is available to all customers regardless of the size of their project. There are additional charges for this level of reporting over our standard pictorial reports however those customers who have engaged our services to produce this level of report have quickly seen the benefit in the availability of data that they can incorporate into their own plans as well as the larger scale view provided in the format of these plans. For more information on how GPS reporting can assist you with your projects or to get your quote, give us a call on 1300 517 062 or via an online enquiry through the Contact Us page on this website.


Where do LiveLocates service?

Our utility locating and utility mapping services extend right across the South Coast of NSW and into the Canberra region. More specifically:

NSW South Coast – Nowra, Huskisson, Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma, Bermagui, Bega, Tathra, Merimbula, Eden

Snowy Mountains – Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher, Crackenback, Cabramurra

Snowy Monaro – Berridale, Cooma, Bombala, Bredbo, Dalgety, Delegate, Michelago

Snowy Valley – Tumut, Talbingo, Khancoban, Adaminaby, Tumbarumba

Canberra suburbs and surrounding regions